Trio Box Pepper Seed Growing Kit

Product image 1Trio Box Pepper Seed Growing Kit
Product image 2Trio Box Pepper Seed Growing Kit
Product image 3Trio Box Pepper Seed Growing Kit
Product image 4Trio Box Pepper Seed Growing Kit
Product image 5Trio Box Pepper Seed Growing Kit

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Your chili pepper Trio Box includes: Now you can grow your own fresh specialty peppers at home!!! Just Open... Water...Watch it Grow!!!

Each select variety in our Chili Pepper trio box comes in its own recyclable Vacuum Sealed container filled with soil and magic seeds. It's never been so easy to grow your own specialty peppers!

FRIAR’S HAT PEPPER Originating in Brazil, this pepper is also called the “Bishop’s Crown”, and “Christmas Bell’. The flesh is crisp and juicy with a delicious fruity flavor, but the placenta and seeds are hot and spicy! Great for pickling and batter dipping!

CARIBBEAN RED HABANERO Originating in the Yucatan Peninsula, this pepper bears slightly wrinkled Chinese Lantern shaped fruits with a smoky, citrus like flavor, and a lovely floral aroma. This pepper is ferociously hot! Make your own spicy jams, jellies, salsas, and curries!

HOT CHOCOLATE HABANERO Originating in Jamaica, this pepper is a large fruited Habanero. Also called the “Congo Black”, the smoky, citrusy flavor of this pepper is simply divine. This pepper can be dried and smoked, and is a favored pepper for home made barbeque sauces, jerk seasonings, and marinades. Friar's Hat - SHU 60,000 heat level Caribbean Red Habanero - SHU 300,000 heat level HOT Chocolate Habanero - SHU 500,000 heat level

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