Hot Sauce Gift Pack Mix & Match Set Of Six

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Mix and match Six of our most popular sauces:

  • Original Red 6oz : This sauce is a blend of Cayenne and Serrano peppers with a hint of garlic and spices and is as medium as it gets. If you like wings but not too hot, this is the one for you!
  • Old Smokey 6oz: Yes, it’s for anything that needs a little bit of that BBQ flavor. Chipotle peppers, garlic and spices are the main ingredients. This will definitely help convert you from “Greenhorn" to "Pit Boss”!
  • El Fuego 6oz: A blend of peppers that could kick start your horse. I added a bit of Saskatoon berries to sweeten the heat. Same heat as Yippeekiyay with a hint of berries to fool your taste buds.
  • Yippee Ki Yay 6oz: This sauce is for the chili heads. A blend of three peppers including scorpions that will get your lips burnin' and your tongue talkin' something other than English but don’t worry, it goes away eventually!
  • Jamango 6oz: Ol' Uncle Charlie wanted to make a “Caribbean Ketchup” for chicken and burgers so there’s a little bit of sweet mango mixed in with the heat in this bottle.
  • Holy Moly 6oz: I made this sauce for the few that think Yippeekiyay is not enough burn. Carolina Reapers make this a hot sauce with extreme heat but I added lots of flavour too! 
  • Habanero 6oz: Grapefruit Habanero and lots of garlic!
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